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between July & August

Group Exhibition 2013
Curation, Participant and Designer
Circling Identity: braking - Illustration: 200X200*50, Fine-tip Pen on Cotton Paper washed down with water + Sequence Clip
Circling Identity Painting - Korean Painting: 1500X1500(mm)*2, Traditional ground pigments and herb tincture on Hanji paper

The word “between” in this exhibition not just points out one definition from an ordinary dictionary.
It embraces three meanings; between, beneath, behind. Living in the world of between means breathing
as a hidden being. As a crevice, halt, or outsider, we are unveiling and giving new perspectives to
everything between, beneath, and behind. Creating and appreciating art and design is commonly limited to the sense of eyes.
Creating well-made visual presentation is misunderstood as a final and successful goal. We, here, want to attract you not
with visible stuffs we hang on the wall but with the meanings inside. What we are showing here looks, smells and feels different.
However, we all gather and make this space as dwellers of between. We twist and distort viewpoints. We find and make new meanings.
Then again we constantly cast doubt on the meanings we build and reconstruct. We discover “between”, and create meanings in
“between”, desiring the meanings will not just work well, work beautifully. During July & August, between summer and summer,
we are opening the very first between,